ch ch ch ch changes!

I have to apologize for neglecting my blog. It's been so long since I posted last that it became almost a thing of guilt for me. I had been putting it off, hoarding all my ideas… 

BUT, I promise I have a semi-good reason. 

The winds are a changin. 

Annie McElwain [photography] is getting a makeover. Like the kind in Wicked. I've been busy putting it all together, but it's going to be up soon. Sneak peek? Alright, twist my arm. Here's a couple of elements from the new site, though just a hint of what it's about.

{profile photo by Raya Carlisle}

New logo, new colors, new site.  It's still in the same vein of course, it's still me. Honestly, I can't tell you how excited I am to launch the new site… 

Also, Annie McElwain Blog have a new address as well. (If you've ever noticed, the address uses the name "Anne", which is my name, but no one calls me "Anne".  I'm an "Annie" and my new blog will have that in the address.)

I'll let you know as soon as it changes. It's going to be a fresh start.  Stay tuned!



Luke + Camilla, Pleasanton California

I love Luke + Camilla's wedding!  Not only are they the sweetest couple who made me laugh and enjoy the whole day– but their wedding was absolutely gorgeous. 

Love the blush pink tones of the day. 

Luke + Camilla designed all the paper goods themselves! And get this… they designed them on an iPad– with an application called Brushes. 


Camilla and her lovely bridesmaids.

Luke and Camilla are a beautiful couple and their families couldn't have been lovelier.  I want to thank them, yet again, for allowing me to capture their day.  More of their wedding story can be seen on Style Me Pretty (Camilla's favorite blog!). 


Recycled Catalogue Holiday Gift Wrap

With the holidays approaching, why not another gift wrapping idea? 


I've been wrapping presents with old catalogues (antrho, jcrew, free people, madewell work really well) and old magazines for years now.

I have never bought wrapping paper– and I think it looks prettier anyway! Just rip out your favorite pages, tape them together. And then I garnish with a little yarn / twine / string and spice or flower (in this case rosemary). It's perfect for those little bits of yarn from past projects that you have nothing to do with now, but are too pretty to throw away. 


Happy wrapping!

Heather Heron at the Workstead

Bash Please hosted the lovely Heather Heron in a pop-up shop at our workstead recently.  Heather showcased her collections right here at our shop, and I have to say I wanted all of it to be in my closet!

Her line features botanically dyed hemp, chain mail and leather to start out. 

I certainly did not leave empty handed, but lucked out with this leather bag (that I love!)


These clutches are pretty fanastic…Heather-heron-4

The company was pretty great too :)


For more info, check out Heather's website

Cute Kids Halloween Costumes!

So during a family shoot with one of my favorite families, the Gershons, Jenny asked me if I would take a few in their halloween costumes. 

Holy cuteness, I almost died. 

Daphne, the elephant and little Owen, the peanut. 

Stop please before I DIE of cuteness. 

I bet those two will be a big hit next week!


Pregnancy Photos: The Beginning

I was so excited to be able to capture Rachel's beautiful pregnant belly along with her husband in these fun pregnancy photos. I've known Michael and Rachel for… wow… almost 14 years? So it was a joy to be able to celebrate with these photos.

These were taken at their home in Los Angeles. Rachel is a green goddess and holistic nutrition councelor (maybe that's why she is so naturally beautiful)– check out her website  and Michael is my former acting coach with two successful books under his belt!

Congrats to Michael and Rachel both! I can't wait to meet your little boy this November!